Ford Ranger T7 Raptor Front Light Covers Matte Black

SKU: GB605

£26.99 £29.99

Ford Ranger Matte Black 2016+ T7 Raptor Wildtrack Style Front Light Covers

Ford Ranger T7 Raptor 2016+ MATTE BLACK Front Only Light Cover Trims

These will fit any T7 Ford Ranger from 2016+ and make a huge difference to the appearance of the vehicle, giving it a more aggressive style to look like the Wildtrack/Raptor version that is becoming very popular

These mount directly to the existing lights can be fitted as an easy DIY project only taking a few minutes.

They Come Supplied with 3M tape applied to the fittings

Ford Ranger Front Raptor/Wildtrack STYLE Light covers.

If you wish to have the rears as well please visit our Ford Section on our shop and you will find them there.

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