Mercedes W177 A Class GT Style Grille

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Mercedes W177 A Class 2018- GT Style Grille

Latest 2018 onwards models 
    • W177 A Class GT Style  AMG A45 Style Sport grille.
    • Suitable for all models From 2018 with or without Distronic
    • All Black
    • If your vehicle has Distronic simply remove your emblem and place into this grille.
    • The large Mercedes emblem is not supplied with the grille. You simply must remove your original Mercedes emblem and place it into the grille.

How do they fix on? 
Simple! the original unclips from the bumper and this new one clips straight in!
How long does it take to fit? 
30-40 minutes
Do I need special tools? 
No Special tools required. Just your standard toolbox will do the job!
Can I pick them up? 
Of course you can! give us a message and we can arrange a time for you.
What vehicle will this fit? 
W177 A250 A200 A45 AMG 2018/2019 onwards (models without camera)

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